Amazing graze: create a crowd-pleasing antipasto platter

25 Nov 2019

Got people popping in? Have this gourmet selection of meats, cheeses and antipasto goodies on hand and you’ll be ready for any and all guests this festive season.


1. Wulura EVOO, from $12.95

Made in Margaret River, Wulura’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is completely free from preservatives and has a crisp, fresh savoury flavour. WE love it simply drizzled over meats or used as a dip for chunks of fresh baguette.


2. Great Southern Groves Mixed Olives, $10.95

Is a grazing board even a grazing board without olives? These Western Australian-grown beauties are a blend of manzanillo, kalamata, leccino and Spanish queen. They are handpicked and hand sorted which results in a very high quality product.


3. Margaret River venison chorizo, $79.95/kg

Everybody loves a touch of chorizo on their grazing platter but we guarantee this Margaret River venison version will take your plate to the next level. Being made with a very low fat content allows the venison flavour really shines through and is enhanced by the addition of paprika and garlic. Treat it as you would a traditional Spanish chorizo – likely fry it then serve it warm with a squeeze of lemon.


4. Mondo Doro Salame classico, $34.95/kg

We love the quality of Mondo Doro’s traditional European small goods, made from 100 percent Australian beef and pork, plus the highest quality local and imported herbs and spices. The classic salami is mild yet full-flavoured with just the right fat to meat ratio. You’ll definitely go back for more!


5. Riccis Bikkies sea salt and olive oil pita, $8.95

This artisan pita bread is perfectly baked and salted and is great with pates and dips, or laden with wedges of cheese and chunky slices of charcuterie. It also looks great organically cracked across your platter.


6. King Island Stokes Point smoked cheddar, $49.95/kg

The King Island Stokes Point smoked cheddar is one of the newest cheeses in store and has quickly become a favourite. It’s naturally smoked with Australian hardwood and has a deep smokey ham aroma and creamy cheddar bite.


7. House made hummus, $7.95

At The Black Truffle we’re proud of the fact we make almost all our own sauces, spreads, pastes and pickles. Among our newest creations is our house-made hummus. Being vegan, and dairy and gluten free, this dip is super versatile and better still, the rich nutty flavour of our hummus tastes wonderful with both cheeses and cold meats (for those who aren’t vegan. Or dairy-free!).


8. Furious Bee honeycomb, $22.95

Want to know why all truly glamorous grazing boards include raw, natural honeycomb? Not only does a whole wedge  look visually stunning – the honeycomb will begin to ooze honey across your platter, and that’s a good thing – but the sweetness of the honey will elevate the saltiness of most cheeses. If you’re yet to add honeycomb to your platter, your in for a very pleasant surprise!


9. Australian muscatel clusters, $9.95

These naturally dried muscatel grape clusters don’t just look great on your grazing board – they taste great with almost all cheeses and meats (especially the prosciutto di Parma!). The grape clusters are handpicked and packed, and only top quality grapes make the cut.


10. Limestone Coast marinated Persian feta, 200g $8.95

We are all about marinated Persian feta at the moment, and this creation by Limestone Coast is one of our favs. It’s fresh, tangy and has a smooth silky texture that’s well-balanced by the herb and garlic oil marinade. Make sure to include some of the marinade on your charcuterie board then save the rest to use as a salad dressing or marinade for your Christmas roast.


11. House-made cumquat glazed Christmas leg ham, $29.95/kg

We’ve famous for our festive hams. WA-bred, the semi-boneless leg hams are scored, glazed and baked to perfection – our sweet, sticky, signature cumquat glaze is hard to go past and adds a fruity kick to your charcuterie platter.


12. Roza’s beetroot gluten free wafer thins, $7.95

Being gluten free and diary-free makes Roza’s new range of wafer thins a versatile addition to your grazing platter. They’re available in a range of flavour, including chia and linseed, and spinach and sesame, but for a festive touch, we love the bright magenta hue of the beetroot crackers.


13. Le Dauphin, $74.95/kg

This gooey, oozey double cream brie is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Made from rich cow’s milk in the pastures surrounding the mountainous Rhône Valley, it’s exceptionally soft and creamy.


14. Chef’s Choice cornichons, $6.95

In our opinion, no cheese board is complete without a touch of pickle and the best way to achieve this is with cornichons.  These tiny, tart, pickled French gherkins are a great way to add crunch to your plate and pair perfectly with a sharp cheddar.


15. House made rocket pesto, $7.95

The second of our two house-made dips, this moreish rocket pesto is chunky and packs a slightly bitter rocket punch. It’s perfect paired with salty slices of crisp lavosh bread.


16. Prosciutto di Parma, $69.95/kg 

When it comes to quality charcuterie, you can’t beat prosciutto di Parma. This classic Italian air-dried ham has a slightly nutty yet sweet, robust flavour.