August’s Cheese of the Month

09 Aug 2018

This month’s featured cheese combines two of our favourite flavours – Grana Padano and black truffles.

August heralds the end of the truffle season, so as we farewell our favourite fungi, we’re taking the opportunity to get cosy with truffle Grana Padano.

Made in Italy, Grana Padano is a hard, slow-ripened, semi-fat cheese. Typically it’s sharp (similar to parmesan) and pungent, but combine it with Italian black truffles at its earthiness and complexity skyrockets to the next level. Aged for 18 months, our truffle-infused cheese is hard, crumbly, has a deliciously pungent aroma, a tangy sharpness on the palate and a rich, lingering truffle after taste.

If you’e cooking with the cheese, use it simply – sparingly grate it over pasta, gnocchi or eggs. Truffle parmesan tastes best eaten alongside a generous glass of cabernet sauvignon. And if you’re serving the cheese on an antipasto platter, simply pair it with plain or fruit-flavoured crackers and a wedge of fresh honeycomb – its strong, robust flavour can overpower other cheeses, so it’s best presented on its own.


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