December's Cheese of the Month

30 Nov 2016

Thinking of pulling together a show-stopping cheese board this festive season? Here’s two styles you won’t want to leave off.


Thomas Hoe Stilton, $69.95/kg 

We love a good smelly, moldy cheese, but if you prefer a mild blue, then the Thomas Hoe Stilton is for you.

Stilton becomes more mellow with age, so this cheese, which is matured for longer, still has the typical blue cheese tang but is softer than most making it the perfect introduction to the style.

Thomas Hoe Stilton is made in Leicestershire using local cows’ milk, and – like champagne – is protected by a PDO (protected designation of origin). Try it on salted buttery crackers with a glass of shiraz.


Petit Gres Champenois 150g, $14.95 each 

Never heard of this fancy-sounding cheese? You’re not alone! A relatively new creation, Petit Gres Champenois originates from the Champagne region in the north-east of France.

A soft, mold-ripened cheese, made in the style of triple cream brie, it’s individually hand-made with crème fraiche and a downy, white mold giving it a velvety texture and a fresh quality that cuts through the cheese’s richness.

Enjoy it with a glass of gewurztraminer, barbaresco or, of course, champagne!