Eat Local, Love Local

27 Mar 2015

With plenty of social chit chat of late about where our food comes from – where it’s sourced, where its manufactured, and packaged, we thought it was prime time to highlight some of our feelings on the topic and showcase some of the beautiful local brands that are available on your door step.

Right here in Western Australia, we have so many producers, big and small, so there is really no reason for us to look any further than our own back yard for what to put on our plates! Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we rather put money in the pocket of the local farmer or local producer, than some international food giant!

Sourcing locally from WA and Australian farmers and local producers, means crops are picked at their peak, livestock are reared more naturally by farmers on small farms, and the time from farm to table is reduced, thus making the end product more full of flavour and packed full of nutrition!

Our top picks for local producers, that are renowned for creating gorgeous products, made fresh from the highest quality ingredients, sourced local, grown local, and sold local; at farmers markets, and boutique stores, like us here at The Black Truffle.



Holy smoke! is a family run business from the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Pemberton.

Where possible, they source local ingredients from down South, or within WA itself. Their products are all natural, with short expiration codes, which is simply a reflection of their no preservative, made fresh for sale philosophy. Their products are ready to eat, and our favourite is the Bourbon and Maple Syrup Smoked Salmon tossed through a delicious ‘nicoise’ style salad! Highly recommended. Other items in their range (available at BT): Traditional Cold Smoked Salmon, Smokey Trout pate and Smokey Chicken pate, perfect for dipping, or spreading on a crostini, or crusty bread!



The Farmhouse Margaret River is a family owned fresh meat butchery, smokehouse and small goods maker.

They produce beautiful products such as chorizo, bacon and sausages, from pork and lamb that are sourced directly from free range farms to be prepared fresh in traditional style. All their products are gluten free and preservative free.

Along with the freshest ingredients for their products, the butchers use freshly prepared shavings from apple tree logs sourced in Donnybrook orchards to impart their own unique smoky flavour and aroma into the products, which make them irresistible! We stock a great range of small goods and fresh sausages including the Smoked Chorizo, an absolute favourite among our customers – add it to your brekkie plate with poached eggs and ciabatta toast!



A Perth based company with the owner, Adam Bielwaski, not only being their front man, but their creator and chef as well. Boasting an array of premium pates, terrines and condiments that are all handmade, from locally grown food and free range farmed animals, with no preservatives or chemicals, they make it hard for you to pass up the opportunity to taste their range! Items that we stock at The Black Truffle

Chicken and pistachio terrine – pair the terrines with vintage cheddar and cornichons

Pork and sage terrine

Chicken liver pate – team with a crusty loaf

Duck and orange pate – on buttery lavosh

Pork rillettes – eat with fresh ciabatta toast


We are so blessed with such gorgeous produce in Australia, and these are just a few of the delights that we offer at the shop. We make it our mission to source as many wonderful products as possible from around WA, and within Australia, for you to enjoy and to keep your bellies happy!