Get a grillin’: Our top 5 winter toasties

18 Aug 2020

Who doesn’t love a toasted sandwich? They’re the ultimate quick and easy comfort food with flavour combinations only limited by the scope of your imagination. Including a rich Bolognese and parmesan and the ultimate ham and cheddar, here are our top five toasties this winter. Sorry, not sorry!


1. Prosciutto di Parma with La Delizia Latticini fresh mozzarella and freshly picked basil


2. Glazed baked leg ham with house-made piccalilli and smoked cheddar. If you’re looking to mix things up, ask our staff to swap the cheddar for red Leceister. Better still, ask for both!


3. Sweet chilli roasted chicken breast with pesto, sundried tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella.


4. Reuben on rye featuring our own house-made kraut, corned beef (again made by us) and Swiss cheese.


5. And finally, the ultimate hangover cure: our famous rich, tomatoey Bolognese with shaved parmesan and basil


Tips for creating the ultimate toasted sandwich:

Let’s be honest: making a sandwich then whacking it between two hot plates is hardly rocket science, but if you’re chasing toastie perfection, these simple tips will get you there.

  1. Your sandwich will only be as good as the quality of the ingredients you choose so go for premium breads, cheeses and deli meats.
  2. If you’re using vegetables, opt for pickled or pre-cooked. Raw veggies won’t cook through.
  3. Choose thinner sliced bread over thick. This will help your fillings heat more quickly and lead to gooier melted cheese.
  4. Butter the outside, not the inside of the bread. This will give your toast a lovely, crisp golden hue. For extra flavour, lightly sprinkle salt over the top before popping it under the heat.
  5. Some fillings – such as Bolognese (see above), baked beans and mac ‘n’ cheese can be pre-heated before being added to your sandwich. This will help the cheese melt and your sandwich toast more quickly.
  6. Always make sure your chosen heat source – be that a sandwich press, jaffle, frypan or grill – has come to the right heat before adding your sandwich.
  7. Let it rest for ultimate enjoyment and avoid scalding tomato and melted cheese dripping down your chin.