How to create the ultimate cheese board

25 Apr 2018

Forget the Jatz crackers, semi-matured cheddar squares and cabanossi. Here’s how to pull together the ultimate cheese platter.

Let’s face it. Pulling together a delicious cheese board certainly isn’t rocket science, yet there are a few simple tricks and ingredients that’ll take your platter to the next level.

So when it comes to impressing your guests, what should you consider?

Firstly, choose a platter that’s going to display your selection well and be easy to access – a flat round wooden board, or a long paddle, are ideal.

Secondly, always consider colour, fragrance, texture and flavour. Your cheese board should have a good mix of these elements – balance a smelly blue cow’s milk cheese, or tangy chevre, with a mild triple cream brie. Scatter nuts and crackers for crunch then add honey and fruit for sweetness.

And when it comes to crackers, offer your guests a choice of plain wafers and flavoured crisp breads. Even a subtle dash of salt sprinkled over your lavosh can change the flavour profile of your cheese.

Read on to discover our favourite cheese board additions.


1. Fourme d’Ambert – This French blue cheese is mild with a firm but creamy texture and a subtle aromatic flavour. It has a savoury, nutty aftertaste and tastes grate when balanced with quince paste, honey and fruit. $55.95/kg


2. Quickes Traditional Red Leicester – Made from cow’s milk, this red Leicester is more complex and intense than the mass-produced supermarket varieties. As it ripens, it develops a nuttiness, and a lemony creaminess with a glorious crumbly texture. $67.95/kg


3. Delice des Cremiere – Who doesn’t like a gooey, oozey triple cream cheese? Made amongst the vineyards of Champagne, Petit Delice des Cremiers is a rich, triple cream cow’s milk cheese that although full of character, is subtle and delicate. $12.95ea


4. Pure Naked Honey raw honeycomb – This deluxe honeycomb does not undergo processing after being harvested making it 100% preservative free and raw. We love to serve it drizzled over cheese however, it looks equally grate placed solo on your cheese board. $15.95ea


5. Cave aged cheddar – Robust and earthy, cave-aged cheddars typically develop an earthy characteristic and distinctive nutty flavor. $79.95/kg


6. Paiarrop quince paste – Quince paste is a classic partner for cheeses and this beauty from is made exclusively with fresh Spanish quinces and has a creamy, rich and aromatic flavour. $29.95/kg


7. Barossa Bark – Not only does Barossa Bark look interesting on a platter (it’s made to look like the shards of bark that fall from the Barossa Valley’s iconic blue gum trees), it tastes incredible too. Rolled and cut by hand, it’s crispy and slightly salty, and an ideal accompaniment to cheeses. $12.95ea


8. Charcoal Falwasser Crispbread – Made in Australia, these wafers not only look interesting, they taste interesting too. The secret ingredient in these all-natural, gluten-free, wafer-thin crispbread is activated coconut charcoal. $7.95ea


9. Lavosh bites – A bite-size version of traditional lavosh bread, these poppy seed crispbreads are un-salted, GMO-free and contain no added yeast making them the perfect neutral addition to your cheese board. $6.50ea


10. Dried pears – While our ultimate cheese board includes dried pears, you could also add dried apples, apricots or dates to add subtle fruity flavour. Eat them on their own or paired back with a creamy blue cheese or cheddar. (Available for catering only.)


11. Cornichons – Essentially pickled mini gherkin cucumbers, cornichons are delicious, conveniently bite-sized and balances your cheese board with crunch and an acidic tang. $6.95ea


12. Caper berries – Capers and caper berries come from the same Mediterranean plant, but while capers are the early flower buds, the berries are what forms after the buds have bloomed and been pollinated. Like capers, the berries are pickled in brine (sometimes for years) giving them a mild yet salty flavour. The best bit? They pop when you bite into them, making them a great option for adding texture to your cheese plate. $5.00ea


13. Roasted nuts – Like caper berries and cornichons, nuts are a great space filler. Better still, they bring out the nutty, earthy quality of some of our favourite cheeses, like the cave aged cheddar and red Leicester. $7.00ea


14. Strawberries – Fruit and cheese are perfect partners however, there are some that elevate a cheese board better than others. Strawberries (and grapes) are one of those fruits. Tangy, yet sweet and so very juicy, they can either cleans your palate, or balance more savoury cheeses, like blues and cheddars. (Available for catering only.)


Looking to create a show-stopping cheese platter? The Black Truffle stocks a great range of artisan cheeses, condiments, fruit pastes and crackers. Alternatively, our experienced catering team can create the ultimate cheese board on your behalf, or deliver bespoke grazing tables on request.