It's the final call for Black Truffles!

04 Aug 2016

As the season draws to a close, here’s some last minute kitchen inspiration for black truffle devotees.

Love black truffles but have no idea what to do with them? Trust us – if you’ve never whipped up a mouth-watering creation with a nugget of this gourmet goodness, you’re missing something HUGE!

Here in WA, fresh truffles are available during winter meaning they’re only available between early June and mid-late August. At The Black Truffle, we receive our weekly delivery from our mates at Manjimup Truffles, producers of WA’s richest, earthiest and largest truffle harvests.

Highly prized, truffles are actually subterranean fungi, found around the roots of certain trees. Manjimup Truffles uses prized truffle dogs to sniff out the stuff from the roots of hazelnut and oak trees, all inoculated in the company’s own nurseries.

The fact they’re home-grown make Manjimup truffles all the more special. Those in the know have been grabbing them while they can from our delicatessen, but if you’re yet to experience the addictive, delicious flavour of black truffles, there’s no better way to taste them than fresh from local soil.

Here’s some last minute inspiration to get you off your screen and into the kitchen.


Breakfast truffles 

Eggs absolutely love truffles. A small shaving into your scrambled egg mixture, or over the top of the finished dish, is enough to elevate your morning meal to a whole new level. Remember – don’t over whisk your eggs, go light on the seasoning and let the truffle sing.


Scallops and truffles

Many West Australians take for granted the availability and diversity of fresh local seafood. Like truffles, scallops are considered a delicacy and when they’re in season, the two together create an unbeatable flavour combination.

Preparing this dish is incredibly simple. Dry the scallops before lightly searing them in a scolding hot buttered pan. Once cooked top each juicy morsel with a fine sliver of truffle and parsley garnish. Perfection!


Truffle fondue

A bowl of gooey, melted gruyere, spiked with wine then infused with fresh truffle shavings? This dish is so naughty is should be illegal. To make this dish the cheese (fontina is another good choice) is melted with the wine over a very gentle heat then the shavings are mixed through, lacing the mixture with their pungent earthy flavour. To eat, simply dunk generous chunks of baguette into the oozey goodness. Oooooooo yeah!


Truffle risotto 

Keep this dish simple by adding just fresh parmesan and truffle shavings and you won’t go wrong. Make a plain risotto using good quality aborio rice, wine and chicken broth. Once creamy, fold in generous dollops of butter, fresh truffle shavings, a handful of sharp grated parmesan and finish with parsley. The end result is simple, savoury and totally satisfying.


Saucy truffles

Truffles partner perfectly with all things creamy, so why not create a cream-based truffle sauce then pair it with, well, almost anything? Make a traditional béchamel or hollandaise sauce then at the end, stir through shavings of fresh black truffle. It’s a sure-fire way to make cauliflower cheese, pasta bakes, pies and soups even tastier.


**While nothing beats the real thing, our truffle-infused oil is available year-round and can help you achieve a similar flavour when fresh truffles are out of season.