July’s Cheese of the Month

03 Jul 2018

We can’t get enough of the fresh black perigord truffles we have arriving in store daily (until mid August). If you’re a truffle aficionado too, make sure you don’t miss our deluxe cheese of the month.


Brie aux truffes, $149.95 per kg

Considered the Rolls Royce of truffle cheeses, this French brie is a must for all black truffle lovers.

Created by the famous Maison de la Truffe in Paris, 1kg wheels of super silky Brie de Nagnis (made in the Ile-de-France region) are cut in half and then filled with a centre of mascarpone cheese (500g) missed with fresh truffles.

The brie is ripened to perfection so that it oozes under its velvty rind – the mushroomy and yeasty aroma of the cheese is further enhanced by the earthy, creamy wualities of the truffle centre sandqiched inside.

Brie aux truffes is the perfect dinner party starter – slather it on chunks of fresh baguette. with glasses of crisp Champagne