June's Cheese of the Month

01 Jun 2017

June heralds the start of the truffle season. Our fresh black Manjimup truffles have arrived instore, but if, like us, you can’t get enough of the stuff, check out our decadent range of truffle-infused cheeses.


FOR SOFT CHEESE LOVERS: Delice aux Truffes, $16.50

Made from cow’s milk in Burgundy, France, Delice aux Truffes has all the richness of an oozey triple cream cheese with the added indulgence of shaved truffle.

It is made using milk enriched with crème frâiche and then laced with a mixture of mascarpone and truffles. The fluffy white rind allows the cheese to develop its characteristic rich flavour. As it matures, the texture resembles thick cream and the palette develops more savoury notes – the flavour of truffles combined with the rich luxurious texture is a real winner.


FOR HARD CHEESE LOVERS: Truffle Infused Grana Padano, $79.95 per kg

This cheese masterfully blends the flavours of Grana Padano and Italian truffles.

Grana means ‘grainy’ in Italian and this is reflected in the cheese’s fine, granular and crumbly texture. Sweet on the nose, the cheese’s flavour is sharp with truffle lingering on the palette.

Try it with a bold glass of cab sav, and pair it with a sweet fruit paste.