June’s Cheese of the Month

06 Jun 2018

Ahhh feta… it just makes everything taste better, right? See which styles we’re crushing on this month.


Gourmet Delights marinated Australian feta, 400g tub, $6.95ea

Looking for a perfect cheese board addition, or hassle-free feta to jazz up simple home-cooked meals?

Gourmet Delights’ marinated feta is a firm Australian-style cheese that’s been cubed and then marinated in olive oil infused with parsley, chives and oregano. The feta’s gentle herbaceous flavour makes it extremely user-friendly and versatile – add a sharp feta tang to quiches, salads, pizzas and humble scrambled eggs.

Australian feta is often made from cow’s milk. The texture and flavour can vary, but generally, it’s a happy medium between the saltiness of Greek feta and the creaminess of Danish.


Calendar marinated feta, 320g, $14.95ea

Handmade using both goat and sheep’s’ milk, this cheese has a gorgeous, satiny texture, a mild goat flavour (softened by the addition of sheep’s milk) and a light, citric finish.

Before being jarred, the cheese is marinated in a blend of canola and olive oil, infused with fresh herbs to ensure the cheese retains its refined, feta flavour.

While we love to eat this cheese straight from the jar, smeared over fresh baguette, it’s also perfect tossed through pasta and crumbled over salads – we use this cheese in our famous rocket, roasted pumpkin and candied walnut salad (always a crowd pleaser).


Limestone Persian feta, $8.95ea

After sampling a fetta in a mud hut, deep in a dessert in North Iran, cheese artisan Richard Thomas created his original recipe for Persian feta.

To create this cheese, the milk – still warm – started life in a stone vessel, was then salted in bocks and preserved under stone ground olive oil and fermented garlic.

In the early 1990s, Richard teamed up with the Limestone Coast Cheese company to refine, and recreate this cheese. The resulting product is fresh and delicately flavoured with a luxurious, velvety texture. Better still, the beautifully balanced herb and garlic oil marinade can double as a salad dressing, meat marinade or poultry roasting oil.


To sample these premium fetas, plus a wide range of carefully curated cheeses from around the globe, visit The Black Truffle.