Leave it to the experts!

05 Oct 2016

Epic catering fails! These hilarious pics prove that not all entertaining platters are created equal.

When it comes to creating a show-stopping antipasto platter, we’re pros here at The BT. From cheese boards to moreish small bites and opulent European antipasto spreads, we’ve got the routine down pat.

While crowd-pleasing food may come naturally to us, this collection of platters proves not every shared plate is created equal.


Oh baby!

We know five-year-olds who could do a better job than Twitter user, Stacey Wylie (@stacemelina). School lunchboxes are fine for Babybell cheese circles but gourmet cheese platters…? Next time, Stacey might like to try one of our sophisticated options (from $35) instead!


A not so Super Bowl

While Nick and Heather get 10 points for creativity, we feel their Super Bowl-inspired platter is better suited to a child’s birthday party. We’re all for creative presentation here at The BT, but we recommend sports lovers check out our ‘Gluten Free Party Bites’ platter (from $60) for a more sophisticated option!


Plane average

Aeroplane food isn’t renowned for its finesse however; we expect better than this mid-air disaster from a one of China’s leading airlines. Worse still, it’s the company’s first class offering! Our platters are piled high with the freshest seasonal fruit and start from $35 each.


Thirteen-dollar disaster!

This antipasto platter from a (former) Missouri City, Texas, restaurant may only set you back US$13, but we wouldn’t even pay $3. What even is that!? You’d be far better off trying our ‘European Entertainer’ platter from $55 for 30 pieces.


Sea food and run!

We have no words! We don’t offer seafood platters but if we did, we’d sure as hell fish dish-up something better than this! Some things can’t be unseen.


Spam filter

Apparently, spam is a thing in NYC at the moment. We don’t care how ‘hip’ ham in a can is in the City That Never Sleeps, it’ll never be ok in our kitchen. #saynotospam


Here at The Black Truffle we offer a wide range of event catering options ranging from elegant cocktail platters like tuna bites, petite quiches and delicate crostini through to fully styled sweet and savoury grazing tables.