Lets Get Juicy!!

25 Feb 2015

How’s your New Year’s resolution of a healthy new you going? Finding it hard to stay focused? Or getting the right amount of fruit and veggies into your daily diet? Then you need a bit of Pressed Daily juice in your life!!!

Make it your mission, if you haven’t already, to try the Pressed Daily range of cold pressed juices down at the shop. Our fave is the celery, kale, cucumber, lime & mint YUUUMMMO!!….. There’s nothing better than a bottle of one of these babies to kick start your day, and throw some healthiness into the mix without even realising!!



Juiced locally by Adam and his team, Pressed Daily endeavour to source delicious, local, and where possible, organic produce, to create these refreshing juicy delights! It’s the simplest and easiest way to incorporate all those fruit and veggies into your diet.



“So what is all the fuss about with this cold pressed juice trend?” we hear you ask!! “It’s just juice….” Well, other than the obvious fact that these juices are packed full of fresh fruit and veggies, some considered super foods, all of which are essential for a balanced diet; the specific cold pressed juicing machines are the key. The fruit and veg are “pressed” into a gorgeous natural juice with live whole ingredients, where the maximum amount of nectar is extracted, maximising the vitamins, minerals and enzymes left for our consumption! Other methods of juicing, blend and shred the fruit and veg, which overheat and oxidise it, leaving it with less nutrients, and thus, lacking in full fresh flavour!

So, with all this goodness in one bottle, it can be very helpful when warding off nasty colds, refreshing us after being a little too indulgent, or to just give us that extra boost we might need for a big day!



The Pressed Daily range is seasonal, and we are currently stocking the *carrot, apple & ginger, *watermelon, apple, lime & mint, and the *celery, kale, cucumber & mint (look out for the *beetroot, celery, apple & lemon down at the shop in winter!!)…. And at just $7.95, it seems like a pretty sweet deal to us!! You can follow Pressed Daily on Instagram at @presseddaily to keep up with all their latest news.

Word on the street is that Pressed Daily are also working on some new flavours, as well as some juice cleanses…keep up to date with when they will be available in store, on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/theblacktruffle and our Instagram page @theblacktrufflenf

Thanks Adam for supplying us with these juices we love them!! #letsgetjuicy