May’s Cheese of the Month

27 Apr 2018

Straight from the gassy slopes of Sardinia, our May cheese of the month is an Italian classic.

Pecorino Debbene Bio is an organic cheese made from sheep’s milk harvested from around 1800 Sarda ewes, left free to pasture across 200 acres of gentle, rolling, pesticide-free slopes on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Matured for just four months, the cheese is mild and milky with a sweet, smooth and slightly floral flavor, and hints of herbs, grass and fruit on the buttery aftertaste.

Enjoy it on its own, grate it over your favourite pasta or polenta, or pair it with a platter piled high with charcuterie, cornichons and slices of sharp rye bread. Either way, we’re sure this classic Italian pecorino will win you over.


Find it instore for $50.95/kg.