Not your average Easter gifts!

07 Mar 2018

Need a gift that will really impress this Easter? We’ve got your back with a sophisticated range of gourmet gifts and yummy treats.

We take our chocolate very seriously at The Black Truffle, which is why this Easter (or any Easter, for that matter) you won’t find any mass-produced supermarket-brand eggs made from greasy, poor quality chocolate.

What you will find is a collection of hand-tempered eggs and bunnies, locally made small-batch chocolate bars, fine Italian confectionary and a wide range of chocolate alternatives.

Read on to discover our top seven gifts this Easter


1. Whistlers half egg filled with mini eggs 150g, $15.95

For over forty years, Western Australia’s oldest chocolate company, Whistlers, has been making traditional chocolates and confectionary from recipes passed down from multiple generations. An unbeatable way to sample the company’s signature silky smooth chocolate is with the half Easter egg filled with assorted mini eggs. It’s not too small, not too big – it’s just right!


 2. Sue Lewis bunny with poo, $25

This is one of our hands-down favourite Easter gifts. Sue Lewis’s chocolate Easter bunnies are uber cute and totally hilarious – they come complete with their own tasty rabbit poo (aka chocolate pellets). Available in a choice of white, milk and dark chocolate, each has been hand tempered, moulded and wrapped right here in Sue’s Perth-based studio.


3. Molly Woppy iced green bunny 28g, $3.50

Looking to avoid a chocolate overdose this year? How about these gorgeous mint green iced gingerbread biscuits by Molly Woppy. a family-owned company that bakes their treats from classic recipes. Larger choc-dipped versions are also available for $5.50 each.


4. Simon Johnson milk and dark chocolate eggs, small (60g), $13.50; and large (200g), $25.

Why should the kids get all the treats on Easter? Adults will love these sophisticated, super-fine Italian chocolate eggs by Simon Johnson. Each is wrapped in pleated, jewel-toned foil and available in dark and milk chocolate. The only problem? They’re simply too gorgeous to unwrap!


5. Whistlers box filled with mixed eggs, $24.95

Can’t decide between white, milk and dark chocolate this Easter? Whistlers makes the choice easy by combining them all in one large gift box. Inside you’ll find 12 assorted melt-in-the-mouth eggs, including four of the company’s famous freckled eggs. The range also includes packs of just freckled (10 per box) and multi-coloured foil-wrapped (12 per box), perfect for Easter Sunday egg hunts.


6. Sue Lewis egg filled with mini eggs, $21.95

Like her now iconic Easter bunny with poo, Sue Lewis loves adding little surprises to her chocolates. Her intergalactic, foil-encrusted Easter eggs are no exception – they’re filled with three mini eggs, also spattered with gold foil. Sue has created three options for you to choose from – 70 percent dark chocolate, 41 percent milk chocolate, and white chocolate with rose and cardamom. Each is filled with eggs of the same flavour.


7. Bramble & Hedge Nougat, 150g, $18.50 each

Here’s another tasty option for those looking to avoid chocolate eggs. These Bramble & Hedge nougat bars come in six, creamy flavours including Wild Fig and Honey, Pomegranate and Cherry, Peach and Cedro, Strawberry, Blackberry and Violet, and Barberry and Rosewater. All are topped with a stunning arrangement of pressed flower petals and other dried ingredients (like nuts, fruits and even gold leaf). It doesn’t come any prettier!


Find these winning Easter gift ideas and many more instore at The Black Truffle.