November’s Cheese of the Month

08 Nov 2017

Some say Comte is the king of French cheeses. Here’s why…

Made frim cow’s milk in the Franche-Comté region, Comte is matured for either 18 or 24 months and has incredible depth of flavor featuring underlying sweet notes and rich, roasted nuts on the finish.

Our Mons Comté AOP is matured by the Mons family. Now third generation Affineurs (people who age cheese), the family only work with 11 of the 160 comté producers in the region. Hervé Mons personally visits each fromagerie to grade and select his preferred wheels of cheese, which are then matured in an old railway tunnel converted into a cheese cave.

Once cellared, the wheels are checked weekly, turned and brushed by hand for an 18-month period resulting in a product that is dense in texture, complex in flavour and aroma, has an almost caramelised nutty character and a smooth finish.

Perfect for the approaching festive season, it pairs perfectly with sparkling wine and earthy pinot noir. If you’re placing it on a cheeseboard, don’t get too fancy – its complexity and age mean this cheese is best showcased on its own with light, savoury crackers.


The Mons Comté AOP 18 month is available instore now ($79.95/kg).