October’s Cheese of the Month.

12 Oct 2018

SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY! If you love nothing better than a bloomy, gooey soft cheese, October’s cheese of the month is definitely not to be missed.

When it comes to cheese, is there anything better than one that oozes from its rind and pools in gooey, buttery globs on your cheese platter? If this is a pre-requisite for your soft cheese, put Brebirousse firmly on your October shopping list.

Made from sheep’s milk in Lyon, France, Brebirousse (which literlaly means red sheep)is super creamy and full-flavoured. The oozy, soft-ripened cheese is encased in a bright bloomy orange rind, formed due to the annatto sprinkled on the cheese during maturation.

On the palate it’s savoury, creamy, nutty, delicate, buttery and complex. Left out of the fridge, it has the tendency to run free from its rind and onto the plate. Basically, it’s everything you could hope for from a soft, brie-like cheese.

Pair it on your cheese board with crusty baguette, dried apricots, dollops of pure earth honey, thickly sliced ham and glasses of bubbly champagne or cava.


Brebirousse is available now from The Black Truffle for $82.95/kg.