Our top 6 winter soups

07 Aug 2018

These hearty soups not only taste delicious, but are nutrient dense too, helping you ward off winter colds and flus, fight fatigue and warm you right to your core.

There aren’t many things more satisfying than a steaming bowl of soup on a miserable winter’s day, your cold hands warming up as they clasp the hot bowl and your body defrosting as you devour the tasty broth.

But besides their ability to warm, there are numerous other reasons to love soup. They’re convenient to cook – simply prepare your stock at a time that suits, then walk away from the pot until dinner time. Better still, most soups can be frozen and re-heated at a later date, as long as they’re made using fresh ingredients.

Soups are great at retaining the nutritional content of your fresh ingredients – because you don’t dispose of the water they’re cooked in, the broth is packed with vitamins and minerals absorbed from your meat and veg.

Speaking of which, the beans, lean meat and vegetables used to make your soup create dishes that are extremely high in fibre and low in fat (unless you’re making a cream-based stock).

If you’re looking for winter soup inspiration, here are six of our all-time favourites.


Classic pumpkin

Eat pumpkin and you’ll promote good heart health. Full of fibre, potassium and vitamin C, research has proven eating enough pumpkin can decrease high blood pressure. Our classic pumpkin soup is vegan and made from caramelized roasted pumpkin and a special blend of herbs and spices.


Parsnip and leek

Just like potato and leek soup, our vegan parsnip and leek is creamy (thanks to the pureed parsnip), smooth, dairy-free and more delicate and sweet than its potato-based cousin.


Chicken and corn

A classic comfort soup, our chicken and corn is a hands-down customer favourite. Made with spring onions, a rich chicken broth made in house with free range chickens and loads of sweet corn, it’s hearty, healthy and sure to kick that winter cold to the curb.


Creamy cauliflower with truffle

Truffle season is in its dying weeks, so we’re taking full advantage of our fresh Manjimup black Perigord truffles and adding liberal gratings plus a dash of pure truffle oil to our creamy roasted cauliflower and truffle soup. Made with butter and cream, it’s a little naughtier than most, but we’re sure you’ll agree the extra calories are worth it!



Made using a secret family recipe, our traditional Italian minestrone is vegan and made from a classic mix of five beans, fresh spring vegetables and spinach. It’s rich, hearty and satisfying.


Power Green soup                                                                                                  

If you only try one new soup this winter, make it our awesome Power Green. Made from our own secret recipe, it’s a packed full of super greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli and peas – good for the whole body, it’s super high in vitamin C, iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, magnesium and more. Better still, it’s so, so tasty.


Our range of Heat & Eat meals changes daily and includes the above super soups and more. Small soups (which feed two adults) cost $7.95 each while large soups (which feed a family of four) cost $14.95 each. Options change daily, so pop in and browse our selection.