The perfect cure

23 May 2018

From paper-thin prosciutto to chunky chorizo slices and salty salamis, there’s more than ‘meats’ the eye when it comes to compiling a killer charcuterie board. Read on to discover what cured treats we like to impress our guests with.

WORDS: Jessica Zoiti


1. Margaret River Venison chorizo, $74.95/kg: Because venison is so lean, this chorizo is a little drier than sausage lovers are used to however, this simply allows the unique venison flavour to shine through. Enhanced with flavours of garlic and paprika, the chorizo tastes great served lightly fried with a squeeze of fresh lemon.


2. Prosciutto di Parma (aged 18 months), 65.95/kg: Aged for 18 months in caves in Italy’s Parma region, this premium prosciutto is the king of cured hams. Finely shaved it has a delicate sweet yet salty flavour.


3. Caper berries: Caper berries (which are the fruit that bloom from the humble caper) are ideal charcuterie board additions. Pickled in brine (sometimes for years), the berries have a mild yet salty flavour and literally pop in your mouth, making them a great way to add texture and acidity your charcuterie board. $5.00ea


4. Cumquat baked ham, $32.95/kg: These semi-boneless WA leg hams are scored, smothered in The Black Truffle’s famous house-made cumquat glaze then baked to perfection in-store before being sliced to your liking. Thick or thin – it tastes great either way.


5. Jamon Serrano, $7.50/ 100g packet: Add Spanish flavour to your charcuterie board with Jamon Serrano, a cured dry-aged ham served right across Spain. Less salty than prosciutto, it has a robust, natural flavour and is best served as paper-fine slithers.


6. Baby cornichons, $4.95ea: Vinegary, crunchy and slightly salty, cornichons (which are essentially pickled mini gherkin cucumbers) are the perfect match for charcuterie, especially the pork rillettes from Poach Pear.


7. Montecatini truffle salami, $13.95ea: Made with high quality Australian pork, this special occasion salami’s flavour is enhanced by the delicate, earthy aroma of Italian black summer truffles and a special blend of spices.


8. Barrett’s traditional ciabatta, $6.95ea: Every good charcuterie board needs bread, and you can’t go past this crispy ciabatta loaf from Barrett’s Bakery – its chewy, airy centre has just the right amount of acidity while the crust is crispy and thin.


9. Casalingo salami, $35.95 per kg: Translated, Casalingo salami means ‘home-style salami’ and true to its name, this mild, sausage is made from a traditional recipe, just the way Nonna would make it.


10. Poach Pear pork rillettes, $17.95ea ­– one of many products from the Poach Pear artisan range of foods, this pork rillettes is made from slow-cooked, shredded meat, flavoured with juniper and thyme. Rillettes is best served at room temperature when the subtle, creamy flavours truly shine.


Find everything you need to create an incredible charcuterie board in-store at The Black Truffle. From imported Italian salami to meats cured right here in WA, you won’t find a more discerning range.