Perfect Panettone

07 Dec 2014

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Italy with panettone!

A rich, brioche-like sweet bread originally from Milan, the panettone is traditionally known as a celebration cake shared with family and friends at Christmas. It would sit proudly on my Nonna’s breakfast table every Christmas morning, shared with adults and children alike! It represents Italian traditional food culture for celebrations and festive times, and we are excited to share our pick of the bunch with you this Christmas.

Panettone originates from the Italian word pane di tono, meaning “luxury cake,” which is fitting for this brioche-like buttery bread made with butter, eggs, milk, soft dried fruit and orange zest. It typically undergoes hours of proofing and rising to give the bread its tall, rotunda-like shape and fluffy, light texture.

They are a great gift idea for family and friends! If you haven’t tried this Italian Christmas delight, pop into our store on Tuesday 16th or Wednesday 17th December between 6pm and 9pm where we’ll be hosting Christmas shopping nights, with lots of yummy tasters and great evening specials!


Available in small individual serve, 500g or traditional 1kg size. They are available in store now. While stocks last!