The scoop on winter soups

29 May 2017

It’s getting cold out there so we’ve rounded up our favourite soups, guaranteed to warm you up and ward off the winter lurgies.

Want to stay healthy during the winter months?

With temperatures dropping and cold, wintry nights getting longer, fighting off colds and flues becomes a constant battle. But by eating your fair share of nutrient-rich foods you increase your chances of staying as healthy as possible.

Soups are a great way to pack in multiple serves of vegetables, and ideal for using up the remnants of your veggie tray.

A steaming bowl of broth is also a great way to get your daily dose of protein during winter. Chicken, beef, lamb and seafood all add depth of flavour and ensure a soup is not only nutritious, but filling too.

And don’t forget your carbohydrates. Rather than being a dirty word, low GI carbohydrates like pasta, rice and potatoes are a valuable source of energy, valuable for getting through long wintery days and fighting off germs and bugs. If you don’t want to add pasta or rice to your soup, serve with a slice of wholegrain bread for the same benefit.

“The secret to a great soup is quality produce, nutrient value and time. Using quality ingredients that are packed with vitamins and minerals will ensure you get maximum nutrition from your soup,” explains The Black Truffle Head Chef, Melissa Molinari.

“Soup is such a great way to get a heap of nutrients into your body at once, but good soup can also take time, especially if you are making it with meat because you want to extract as much flavour from the meat as possible.”

To ensure she stays as healthy as possible during winter, Melissa favours green soups that are high in iron and antioxidants.

“My favourite TBT soup is our Super Green, followed closely by Cauliflower and truffle.

I love our Super Green Soup because it is packed with healthy vegetables and is a great immune booster for the winter months,” she explains.

Soup making isn’t rocket science, but never-the-less, there are a few traps home-cooks can avoid.

“The most common mistake people make when making soup is making it to watery,” Melissa begins. “Most vegetables contain large amounts of water anyway, so keep the addition of water or stock to a minimum.  It’s easier to add additional stock or water at the end if needed.”


The top 5 soups to try this winter:

  1. Chicken and Vegetable Soup: A delicate chicken broth filled with nutritious seasonal vegetables – just the thing to ward off those winter lurgies.
  2. Vegetable Minestrone: Heart and wholesome, this minestrone is choker-block full of seasonal veggies and legumes.
  3. Super Green Soup: Get all your superfoods in one delicious serve! Our Super Green Soup is a vitamin-packed blend of kale, broccoli, zucchini, peas and spinach
  4. Spicy Thai Pumpkin: Made with red curry paste, coconut cream and butternut pumpkin, this creamy soup packs a spicy punch and is the perfect antidote to the winter cold.
  5. Vegetable and Quinoa: Can’t get enough of quinoa? Us either! Which is why we’ve combined it with seasonal vegetables and spinach in this vitamin-rich favourite.
  6. Cauliflower and Truffle: We’re taking full advantage of fresh truffle season by adding shavings of the fabulous fungus to our decadent, creamy cauliflower soup.