Top gifts for foodie Fathers

08 Aug 2018

If the way to Dad’s heart is through his stomach, make his Father’s Day by giving him one of these scrumptious gourmet gifts.


FORVM wine vinegars: Chardonnay, $30.95; Cabernet Sauvignon, $26.95.

If it’s good enough for Neil Perry, the Forvm range of vinegars should be good enough for foodie fathers everywhere. The celebrity chef raves about the red wine (cabernet sauvignon) variety and for good reason: the range is made by Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm by the Mediterranean in Spain using high quality boutique wines. Use these artisan, vinegars to jazz up salads, reduced to make delicious sauces, and poured over fruits, ice cream and other desserts.


Noble Tonic maple syrup, $35

The only breakfast better than bacon and eggs on Father’s Day? Bacon and eggs smothered in authentic, sticky Canadian maple syrup. Made from syrup sourced from maple trees in Quebec, the Noble Tonic range is aged in charred barrels, adding hints of bourbon and oak to the sauce. Numbered from one through to five, the line includes two aged maple syrups and three vinegars, each packaged in a masculine glass bottle sealed with wax.


Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce, $15.95

If it’s made from meat, chances are it’ll go great with Glasseye Creek’s Wilk Meat Sauce. Made from fine whisky in New Zealand, the sauce has been carefully created to elevate and enhance any barbecued meat, particularly game. It’s also beaut over bacon and eggs, in burgers, on pies and sausage rolls, as a pizza base and as the secret ingredient to a rich casserole sauce or gravy.


Dingo Sauce Co.’s range of chilli sauces, from $14.95

Spice up Dad’s world with a couple of bottles of North Freo’s own Dingo Sauce Co. sriracha. The only 100 per cent Australian sriracha on the market, the artisan sauces are handmade by local chef, Leigh Nash (find Leigh cooking up a storm at Van’s in Cottesloe) and pack a SERIOUS chilli punch. Made from quality local ingredients without preservatives and artificial flavours, the range includes smoked, medium, hot and extra hot sriracha varieties.


Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes, $25

We love Olsson’s pure sea salt flakes. Not only does the product come packaged in a sophisticated re-usable ceramic container, it’s made from salt sourced entirely from South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and is free of additives and preservatives. Olsson’s is the oldest family owned and operated salt company in Australia – fitting, really, for Father’s Day.


Winebar infused chocolate, $12.95

Thinking of buying Dad a bottle of wine for Father’s Day? Go one better and add a block of Winebar infused chocolate. Hand-made in Fremantle, the high quality chocolate is blended with either a wine, or a cocktail-based infusion, creating a truly surprising and mouth-watering couverture range. We particularly love the Shiraz and Espresso Martini dark chocolate, and the Champagne white chocolate bars.


Handsome Devils Pickles, $15.95

A hearty charcuterie platter isn’t complete without tangy pickles. Create the ultimate deli meats plate for Dad this Father’s Day, served with a side of the Handsome Devil Co.’s quality pickles. The pickles are made from sweet, Australian-grown cucumbers, flavoured with a delicious blend of herbs and spices. They’re free from added sugar and additives and in our opinion, are the crunchiest, tastiest pickles around.


Grounded Pleasures drinking chocolate, $12.95 each ($13.95 for Noir)

If Dad prefers a hot cuppa to a glass of red in the evenings, spoil him with Grounded Pleasure’s range of decadent drinking chocolate. Including original, mint and dark chocolate, the collection uses high quality cocoa sourced from around the globe. The beans are then shipped to Ballarat where Grounded Pleasures (a family run business) processes them naturally and with minimal intervention to allow the qualities of the beans’ unique terroir to shine.


Find these awesome foodie Father’s Day gifts and more at The Black Truffle. Our friendly staff is on hand to offer advice, and even whip up a gourmet gift hamper featuring a combination of Dad’s favourite treats.