Truffle season is here! HUZZAH!

30 May 2017

Winter may not have much going for it, but it is the season for scoffing in-season truffles. Don’t miss your window of opportunity (it’s only three-months long) and try some before they’re gone. Our truffles have just arrived in-store, so get your skates on! 


Fresh truffles

Locally grown fresh black perigord truffles, from Manjimup Truffles, are now available in-store and retail for $25 per 10g.

Truffles can be stored for up to 14 days either in the fridge, or in a dry sealed contained with rice. White mould on truffles is perfectly normal and can be easily brushed off under cold running tap water, but ensure you dry your truffles extremely well – moisture is a truffle’s worst enemy!


Truffle cheese

Our petit delice triple cream with truffle is a must-buy over winter. Check out June’s cheese of the month for more.


Grab & Go truffle-infused meals

We love our truffles and relish the opportunity during the winter months to add a dash to some of our most popular take-home meals. Looking for a fresh truffle hit? Look out for our rich truffle cauliflower soup ($14.95), creamy potato salad laced with fresh truffle (small $7.50, large $11.50), wild mushroom and truffle risotto (large, $20.95) and our moreish truffle arancini ($4.50 each).


Truffle oil

When it comes to truffle oil, a little goes a long way! The addition of black truffle to organic olive oil creates an extremely earthy, versatile product that offers an affordable alternative to the real deal. We have two varieties instore – Great Southern Truffle oil (100ml, 250ml and 500ml from $23.95) and Truffle Hill Truffle Oil (40ml, $16.95). Add either to scrambled eggs, stir it into risotto or pasta, or drizzle it over your juicy steak.


Truffle salt

Combine good quality sea salt with Western Australian black truffles and you’ve got the ultimate seasoning. Add it to your boiled eggs, dress up your simple pasta dishes or season your fish and meat for an earthy, robust flavour. Instore we stock Truffle Hill Truffle Salt ($18.95) and Black Gold Truffle Himalayan Pink Salt ($19.95).


Truffle butter

There’s no more intoxicating marriage than butter and Truffles! Great Southern Black Truffle Butter ($18.95) is no exception. Use it sparingly in pasta or risottos or smear it across good quality crusty bread. If you’re cooking with truffle butter, remember to add it at the last moment – over cooking ruins a truffle’s complexity and flavour.


Truffle aioli

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to steak, chips or our popular truffle arancini? Try the addictive Truffle Hill Truffle Aioli ($18.95). It’s a classic sauce whipped up using traditional aioli ingredients, made even tastier with the robust, earthy infusion of Manjimup black truffles.


The Truffle Cookbook by Rodney Dunn from the Agrarian Kitchen, $59.95

Not sure how to cook with your fresh Manjimup Truffles? Grab a copy of The Truffle Cookbook by Rodney Dunn, founder of Tasmania’s Agrarian Kitchen. Celebrating all things truffle, the book offers 60 recipes plus insights into the Australian truffle industry and advice on buying, storing and cooking with the earthy, decadent fungus.