The ultimate Easter gift guide

08 Apr 2019

Why settle for average Easter eggs when you can spoil your loved ones with a little extra luxury? At The Black Truffle we stock the créme de la créme of Easter gifts, including decadent dark chocolate eggs, melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate bunnies, delicate pralines and more. Hop in to check them out!


1. Koko Black large, 180g egg $25.00 each
Cookies in creamy white chocolate
Caramelised coconut flecks in milk chocolate
Salty cashew crunch in dark chocolate


2. Molly Woppy choc-dipped gingerbread bunny $5.95 each


3. Koko Black milk chocolate bunnies
The Mightiest Bunny $32.95
The Littlest Bunny $16.95


4. Whistlers white chocolate half egg $16.95 each
Filled with cookies and cream buttons. Also available in milk choclate filled with mixed eggs, and milk choclate filled with freckles


5. Whistlers box of assorted eggs $25.95
Milk, dark, white and freckle-covered chocolate


6. Koko Black choc pops $3.90 each
Milk choc Bunny in the Moon
Milk choc Freckle Moon


7. Whistlers freckle-covered milk
chocolate eggs
Small (80g) $6.95
Large (150g) $12.95


8. Koko Black hazelnut praline bunnies $9.00/pack
Mixed chocolate triplet pack
Milk chocolate triplet pack


9. Whistlers small dark choc eggs $6.95 each
Sea salt
Burnt caramel crisp
Hokey pokey honeycomb