A very saucy story

09 Oct 2017

Roza’s Gourmet range of sauces, dips and condiments are household favourites across Australia and Asia but the successful retail food brand began as a humble family business in suburban Brisbane. Here, director Jasmin Robertson share’s her company’s heartwarming story.


TBT: Firstlywhos Roza and what inspired her to create Rozas Gourmet?

Jasmin: My mother, Roza, started selling her hand-made sauces at the end of our driveway in 1991. It started as a hobby on weekends, but was such a hit with locals that it became a burgeoning business. She was a well-equipped foodie from her background working in her family’s wedding and functions catering business in Wellington.

The inspiration to start her own food business, however, didn’t arise until living on our property in Brisbane where we had fresh eggs from our chooks, honey from our bees, and herbs from the garden that she could use to create many of the products we still have in the range today.


TBT: How has the company changed since you took the reigns?

Jasmin: It’s just so impossible to compare mum making her products in our home kitchen – working markets on the weekends – to the business as it is today. Back then, it was a lifestyle business for my parents and the three of us all had our role in shaping it – mum made the products, I would label them, and dad would sell them.

Since I took the reigns in 2010, I have redeveloped the product range, enhanced our branding and created marketing material, and grown sales to now cover Australia and Asia.

We celebrated our 25th birthday last year, which makes me immensely proud. I still find it amazing that my mother’s hobby has grown into such a successful Australian brand.


TBT: Its a fairly saturated marketHow do you ensure Rozas Gourmet stand out and what separates them from competitors?

Jasmin: We still use the recipes that my mum used and the freshest all-natural ingredients, so the flavours are simple but exquisite.

In addition to the product quality, I’d credit our success to the unique passion and story behind the Roza’s Gourmet brand. I have spent so much time travelling around the country personally meeting stockists and customers, sharing our story and products because I truly believe in what we create.

Roza’s was once a culinary secret in Brisbane that grew nationally, so I believe that our success is largely attributed to word-of-mouth and the loyal customers that have been supporting us for years.


TBT: What is your bestselling product and why do you think it outperforms the rest of the range?

Jasmin: Our Traditional Pesto is by far our most popular product in the range. We actually hand-pick the basil leaves from the bunches, so it is made fresh and just the way you would make it at home. It’s really hard to find a commercial brand with the same level of freshness and that doesn’t use preservatives, so ours is definitely a standout!


TBT: Whats your personal favourite product and why?

Jasmin: This is such a difficult question! I love the Smokey Aioli, but as a chilli fan, I also can’t go past the Hot Lover (my dad will tell you that mum named it after him)!


TBT: Your new Vegan Mayonnaise is extra special because a portion of every sale supports the Humane Society International (HIS) AustraliaWhy did you choose to partner with this particular organisation?

Jasmin: At Roza’s we are all animal lovers, so aligning a vegan product with giving back to an animal charity was a perfect fit.

We donate 20c from the sale of every Vegan Mayonnaise jar sold. HSI works to conserve Australia’s threatened ecosystems and protect wild animals, with a mission to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals and people. One facet of Roza’s Gourmet’s mission is giving back to the community, advocating animal welfare, and leading the manufacturing industry in sustainability.


TBT: Can WA customers access the full range and what plans do you have for the WA market?

Jasmin: Yes, we stock our range at all premium independent delis, gourmet grocer’s and IGA’s. We have a range of over 50 products now so not every store will have the full range, but if you have a favourite just let your Roza’s stockist know and we will be sure to get it in for you.

We want to do a big push in WA this year. We have been selling into the market for five years now and feel it’s time to have a presence on the ground to support our fans and stockists, which means lots more in-store promotions and tastings!


TBT: Whats the next big thing on the cards for Rozas Gourmet?

Jasmin: In addition to our new lines of Bone Broth and Soups, we are launching a range of gluten free gourmet crackers in early 2018. Lots more naturally fabulous products on the horizon.


The Black Truffle stocks a select range of Roza’s Gourmet dips and sauces. Visit us in-store to try them for yourself.