The worst Mothers Day gifts EVER!!!

03 May 2017

Looking to get your mum something really special this year? Whatever you do, steer clear of these absolute Mother’s Day fails!

Ahh mums. Where would we be without them? All the countless home-cooked meals, loads of laundry, pick-ups and drop-offs at soccer, footy, netball and band practice.

For all they do, it’s only right we dedicate a day to celebrating their greatness. For most mums, breakfast in bed and a foot rub is enough, however a heartfelt gift (or even traditional favourites like flowers and chocolate) never go astray.

But as Reddit reveals, some presents are far better left un-given. The discussion website asked its community of mothers to share the worst Mother’s Day gifts they’ve ever received. Some of the answers are truly gob-smacking.


Toilet humour

Reddit member Potatonitelight shared: “My husband gave his mother a toilet plunger. Which is weird because he is excellent at giving gifts to me! I now shop for all gifts on his side of the family.”


A genuine fake

Then there’s Reddit member, Trowaway8293234 whose gift to mum was far from sweet.

“I gave my mother fake chocolates once,” the community member shared. “Every Mother’s Day we had to make a craft in class and for some reason my teacher had the genius idea to make fake chocolates.

“She provided some old empty chocolate boxes and we had to make ‘chocolate’ out of clay, paint them brown and put them in the box. So my mom thought they were actual chocolates until she opened the box. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more disappointed.”


A lost cause

“I got a half dead looking, clearance, annual potted plant from Home Depot,” begins Incognito_mamma.

“My husband took off in the morning with our kid to do man things (silly me thought maybe they had some plot to do something nice) and clearly discovered that it was Mother’s Day while they were there and brought me home that gem.

“I pretended I loved it, planted it with loving care in a nice ceramic pot and watched it slowly die despite my efforts to keep it alive.”


Ummmmm…. What!?

“Worst Mother’s Day gift was a jar full of bugs and a dead mouse. Still pretended to like it and we gave it a proper burial,” shared Teaboo_mom.

We have no words!


Old enough to know better

How old is too old for crappy arts and crafts?

“Thinking I was artsy, I took all these pieces of trash, cut them up into tiny pieces, and glued them onto cardboard to say “MOM”. I thought I was smart, but looking back, it must’ve looked like a ransom note made by a homeless person. My mom gave me a confused response… she just really had no idea what to think,” begins Reddit member Hymerej.

“I was probably 10 or 11 so I was old enough to have thought this out better, but I didn’t. I also made one for my dad on his birthday a few weeks later, so I apparently learned nothing.”


Do I look old in this?

Anything gift that says ‘you look fat, old or tired’ should be immediately discounted. Someone forgot to send Dildodiety’s dad the memo.

“My dad is the king of terrible gift giving. Don’t get me wrong, he tries VERY hard. He tries to get you things he thinks you need or really want, but it never works,” the Reddit member explains.

“(Five) years ago, my mom started to complain about wrinkles and the like. My dad, thinking he knew exactly what he needed to get her… got her a gift certificate for Botox. My mom, the funniest person I know, started to laugh and accepted the gift anyway (even though I think she was a little offended). My brothers and I didn’t know he got her Botox… so when she opened the card all three of us were holding our breath and bracing for impact.”


Work it

Any gift that suggests mum should be doing more chores around the home are to be avoided at all costs.

“Gave my mom a plastic snow shovel for Christmas once, because hers broke and she didn’t like using my dad’s heavy metal one,” says one Redditor. “It seemed like a good idea at the time but I later realized what a stupid gift it was and felt really bad for a while.”



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